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CNC Lathes to 36 inches.
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Lathes to 60 inches.

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Milling, producing shapes from metal and other materials using moving cutters which rotate around a spindle axis and a table. Milling requires rotating cutters that move sideways and in and out. Material is cut away along a toolpath while the cutter and the material move relative to each other. Digittaly automated CNC milling machines offers precisely controlled movement of the table while the cutter rotates in place.

5-axis CNC milling machines are the most advanced. Along with the xyz axis, they also have a C or Q axis. This allows the horizontally mounted material to rotate, for asymetriac and eceestric turning. The fifth axis, the B axis, maintains the tilt of the tool. When they are all used together, you can produce complicated geometric shapes with limited human action, resulting in minimal errors and better consistency and quality. The time needed to make changes for different components is also minimized. However, it takes considerable skill to program highly complicated parts. Most CNC milling machines are run using files programmed with CAM (computer-aided manufacturing) software packages.

Over night and weekend production without an operator is common with CNC milling machines. They can tell if a tool has broken and even contact the machine operator. It can then continue to run other parts that have been programed that don't require that tool, while it is waiting for the machine operator.

Some of the operations that a CNC milling machine can handle are diesinking, slot cutting, drilling, planing, rebating, routing, etc. To cool, lubricate and wash away cut away material, a fluid is circulated through the cutting site.

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