Fineblanking - If you can't stamp it because the tolerances are to tight and you
can't machine it because of prohibitive costs - it's time you looked at fineblanking.

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Fineblanking technology is most suitable for smaller complex parts that
would otherwise need to be individually machined or stamped, with
secondary operations required. The fineblanking process fills a special
niche for the manufacturing of parts which, because of their complexity or surface finish requirements;
require multiple processes, cannot be made by other methods or cannot be
made at competitive costs.

Fineblanking produces parts that require:

Our engineers are trained in multiple manufacturing processes and will advise you
if fineblanking is or is not a good choice for you requirements.

Our experienced machine operators take great pride in meeting our customers ever-changing challenges. Keeping
experienced operators is key to our success. This requires good compensation, training, and a great variety of challenging
projects from 24 industries - including electrical / electronics, hydraulics / pneumatics and medical.

Partech keeps tooling fees low so fineblanking precision and quality is available to more prospects.

Partechs capabilities by the numbers:

For some examples and details on our Electrical and Electronic Fineblanked Devices capabilities, click here.

For some examples and details on our Medical Fineblanked Devices capabilities, click here.

For some examples and details on our Hydraulic and Pneumatic Fineblanked Devices capabilities, click here


The examples below illustrate the competitive advantages of fineblanking:

Appliances Water Softener Timing Gear Two gear teeth on an irregular part made fineblanking the best overall process.
Batteries, High Performance Battery Lid These components have traveled into space as well as deep into the earth drilling oil wells. We are an industry leader in providing these components.
Fire Arms Trigger Close tolerances and superior edge finish provided the best overall solution.
Fire Arms Rifle Bipod Lever Clean edges eliminated the "cheap and dirty" appearance of a stamping.
Instrumentation Transducer, Shell Half Before: Blank, form, machine hole, turn OD, grind face. After: Fineblank complete to print, Cost savings $1.10 per part!
Motorcycles Bracket Clean edges eliminated grinding and buffing of outside edge. Cost savings = $.70 per part.
Rodeo Equipment Bull Riding Spurs Clean edges eliminated the need for extensive hand buffing. Cost savings = $.80 per part.
Snowmobiles 4 Wheeler, Shift Lever Custom gear form eliminated secondary machining operation. Cost savings = $.60 per part.

To view examples of the quality and cost control provided by the fineblanking process, click here.

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