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silicone and polyurethane gaskets and seals

Silicones are available from 5 Shore A durometer to 80 Shore A durometer
in translucent and opaque colored versions. Silicones maintain flexibility at
low temperatures
; have low compression set and have outstanding resistance
to high heat.
Some of our silicones can operate in a continuous environment
from -150° F to +600° F with excursions to +850 ° F.

FDA approved materials are available.

Our quality system is set up to ISO-9001 and QS-9000 standards.

Jaworski Manufacturing provides quick prototype or medium volume production
with no or very low tooling costs to the customer. We have Registered Professional
Engineers available
to assist you with your design needs and proper material selection.

Polyurethanes are formulated to be softer than 10 Shore A durometer (as soft as
human skin) to as hard as 90 Shore D (harder than bone) and can be used at
continuous temperatures up to 225 ° F (material specific).

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