Machined parts

D4 Coil Feed Escomatics 1MM to 6MM (.030in. to .156in). Tolerances ± .0002.
Screw machined parts to 1 1/4 inch diameter. Tolerances ± .002.
Swiss machined parts from .040 to 1.00 inch diameter. Tolerances ± .0002

Manufacturer's representatives for 19 years:


P.O. Box 216 Cedar, MN 55011
Rep Phone 763-792-2184     Toll free 877-562-5070
Fax 763-785-9065 Toll Free Fax 877-280-2087

Never fall behind in production due to late receipt of your machined parts.
Work with Erickson Automatics to design the custom inventory program that will meet your needs.

Tooling is typically provided at no additional cost to you.

Prototype machined parts through production.

For further details about machined parts,
please visit Erickson Automatics' web site by clicking here.

A little bit about Escomatic machined parts.

Beginning with a stationary piece of coiled material, the Escomatic machine rotates tools around the part.
Vibrations are minimal, allowing for extremely high precision machined parts.

The use of coil stock reduces the turning needed to achieve the correct diameter.

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