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Metal fabrication, let us be your #1 choice for all your precision fabricating needs.
Take advantage of our ability to fabricate, procure and assemble to your specifications.
Our capabilities will meet the range of your production needs, from prototype through
low and mid volume production.

We maintain the highest possible quality rating with each customer. You wouldn't settle
for anything less than the finest product available and neither would we.

Our delivery schedules are flexible and can produce prototype and production parts
quickly. We offer JIT delivery to your plant, can ship to stock, or any other method of
your choice.

We are a full service shop for fabricated parts for OEM industries, we can handle it all.
Punch, form, weld and we have certified houses for painting, plating, and screening.

With our CNC controlled "high tech" equipment, we give you repetitive dimensioning during production.

Machine Facilities List
Welding / Spot Welding Finishing Inspection / Quality
If you wish, our rep's make house calls to answer any questions you may have.

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