metal stamping

metal stampingMetal Stamping
Single source manufacturers of short, medium or long run metal stamping.
Low cost tooling.

Machines ranging from 32 tons to 600 tons for metal stamping.

Deep Drawn Metal Stamping to 10".

Engel Diversified Industries Inc. (EDi)
1060 Quaker Avenue Jordan, MN 55352
Progressive Die, Long Run Metal Stampings
Started in business 1988 -- 45,000 square foot facility -- 20 metal stamping presses.

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Metal stamping is an efficient cost effective method of producing complex or simple three-dimensional parts punched out in a sheet of metal.

A metal stamping press consists of a die made to a specific configuration that matches the shape of the end part, the press bed, a slide that keeps the sheet of material moving along the press bed and the punch that forces the die through the sheet metal. The punch also matches the contour of the part but somewhat smaller to fit between the die and the material.

Metal stamping presses are typically automated and computerized. Metal stamping presses come in many tonnage capacities, sizes, stroke lengths and operating speeds.

The die is made of hardened steel. The punch is made from hardened tool steel or carbide. Designing and making punches and dies for the metal stamping presses, takes skilled craftsmen using EDM, jig boring, grinding and lapping machines that create exceedingly precise dies.

Automated presses move the slide at preset intervals and can have the stroke length, speed, and tonnage adjusted. They work well for metal stampings that require repeatable pressure.

Metal stampings can be made from precious metals, exotic metals, ferrous metals,nonferrous metals, thermoplastic materials and alloys. The thickness of the material does not change during the stamping process.

Metal stampings use secondary processes including, plating, cleaning, heat treating, deburring or tumbling. Heat treating is a secondary operation that increases the strength of the metal stamping. Deburring or tumbling removes any remaining sharp corners. Plating enhances the durability of the metal stamping by increasing the solder ability of the part and prohibiting rusting.

Complex metal stampings are made using progressive dies. While maintaining a minimum wall thickness, the material goes through several die and punch forming processes in consecutive stages producing several imprints at once. Progressive die metal stampings utilizes both cutting and forming processes.

EDi started business in 1988 with a 5000 square foot facility next to Canterbury Downs in Shakopee. Their first machines included one press, a shear, and a complete one man tool and die shop. In the fall of 1991 they relocated to Jordan, MN. As the business continued to grow they added 15,000 square feet to the existing building. Currently they occupy a 45,000 square foot facility and provide metal fabrication, tube bending, welding and assembly as well as metal stampings. The current president of EDi, Don Hayward, joined EDi in May of 2006.

Temporary, Stage or Progressive Tooling
Complex, tight tolerance stampings starting at .005" thick & up
5/16", 1/2" or Heavier Bar and Sheet Stock Items
Hardware Installation
Complete Outside Finishing Services
Welding, Wire-feed, Heliarc and spotwelding, Assembly, and More...

Deep Drawn Components up to 10" Deep
CNC Press Brake Forming and Punch Press Forming
Heavy wall tube piercing, slotting, and notching...we can punch tube walls as thick as .1875" or more
Complex Aluminum Extrusion punching and slotting
Shearing: Up to a quarter inch
Press brake capacity to 90 tons.

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