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Properties - Polyurethanes out perform all other rubber type materials in
mechanically abusive environments. They are one of the toughest, most abrasion resistant and durable,
engineered elastomers available today.

Bonding Characteristics - Polyurethanes readily bond to metals, wood,
most plastics and other substrates using special methods. They can be applied to specially
cleaned and treated metal to make gripper jaw inserts, various types of inserted bumpers, wipers,
quick change components, etc.

Durability- Polyurethanes last up to 50 times longer than conventional
elastomers in abrasive environments and are ideally suited for applications that see severe abuse.

Versatility - Polyurethanes are extremely versatile. They are formulated to
be softer than 10 Shore A durometer (as soft as human skin) to as hard as 90 Shore D
(harder than bone) and can be used at continuous temperatures up to 225° F
(material specific). Our aliphatic polyurethanes are formulated to be water, UV and ozone
resistant as well as being widely resistant to oil, grease and chemicals.

Impact Resistance - Polyurethanes are highly impact resistant, while
conventional plastic materials tend to become more brittle as you go up the hardness
scale polyurethanes remain elastic. They resist fracture even in the hardest formulations
and are ideal for components subject to high impact or repeated impingement.

Load Bearing - Polyurethanes have higher load bearing capacities
than any conventional rubber and are ideally suited for high load bearing wheels, metal
forming pads, shock pads, machine mounts and heavy duty couplings.

Polyurethanes are easily process colored to any desired color. This material is ideal for
use in the outdoor environment. Many specialty materials are also available: water clear
materials, flubber type materials, conductive materials, etc.

We also mold high impact machinable epoxy components and silicone rubber items.
Examples include; bumpers, wipers, seals,cushions, shock pads, vibration pads,
machine mounts, fixturing, machine items, rubber to steel parts, decorative covers, etc.
Some of our bumpers have been cycle tested to over eleven million cycles and were still
performing to design intent.

Molded high impact machinable epoxies are ideal for durable wear or replacement
machine parts and other similar applications. This material is a good substitute in
applications where tough plastic parts are used. It is very tough and impact resistant
and can be molded as the finished part or machined in secondary operations. Other
typical applications include cold metal forming dies, tracing pattern surfaces and N/C
machine proofing medium, etc. Variations are available for temperature environments
to 400° F.

Jaworski Manufacturing has a full range of moldable materials ranging from very soft
"rubbers" to extremely hard plastics. Molded polyurethanes offer toughness and abrasion
resistance. Silicone molded products are advantageous where temperature variances are
extreme (from -150° F to +600° F with excursions to +850° F).
FDA, thermally and electrically conductive, and other materials are available.

Our quality system is set up to ISO-9001 and QS-9000 standards.

Jaworski Manufacturing provides quick prototype or medium volume production with no or very low
tooling costs to the customer. We have Registered Professional Engineers available
to assist you with your design needs and proper material selection.

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