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Temperature Resistance - The most outstanding property of
silicone rubber is it's ability to operate in temperature extremes. Under normal operating
conditions, some formulations can be used in temperatures from -150 to 650° F
with excursions to 850° F. At elevated temperatures the tensile strength, elongation
and abrasion resistance is far superior to that of most organic rubber. It should be noted
that useful life diminishes in continuous operating temperatures above 300° F but
it also offers almost unlimited life at normal operating temperatures.

Mechanical Characteristics - Strong, resilient and stretchable, even
at temperatures where organic rubbers fail. It exhibits excellent physical properties and is
available in a wide range of hardnesses from 5 Shore A to 80 Shore A.

Low Compression Set - When operating in a -120 to 500°
F environment it is superior in compression set to all other elastomers.

Resistance to Weathering - Resists the deteriorating effects of the
outdoor environment (sunlight, ultra violet radiation, ozone and moisture). It also has
good resistance to acids, bases, salts and minerals found in soils.

Vibration Dampening - Absorbs energy over a wide range of frequency and temperature.

Electrical Properties - Retains good electrical properties, such as dielectric
strength, at elevated temperatures where most other materials become useless.

Ozone and Corona Resistance - The ozone resistance approaches that of mica and it also offers excellent corona resistance.

Fire Resistance - When exposed to direct flame, it burns to a non-conducting ash. While burning,
it does not give off toxic materials, as do many other rubbers. Some formulations have excellent
resistance to fire.

Inertness - It does not cause staining, corrosion or deterioration of other materials with which it comes in contact.

Release Characteristics - Not compatible with many organic substances,
therefore, it provides a better release surface than any other rubber.

Chemical Resistance - Resistance to chemicals is particularly useful at temperatures, which
prevent the use of other elastomers. Resistance to particular chemicals should be checked with
the technical representative.

Fungus Resistance - Properly cured it will not support the growth of fungus.

Radiation Resistance - The ability to resist radiation damage at normal
temperatures is comparable to many other synthetic elastomers. However, at high
temperatures it offers a combination of thermal, oxidation and radiation resistance not
available in any other polymer. Some formulations will withstand radiation dosages of
110 megarads at room temperature and 30 megarads at 400° F.

Types - FDA, electrically conductive, translucent and opaque versions are available in various hardnesses.

Jaworski Manufacturing also molds high impact machinable epoxy components and polyurethane items.

Jaworski Manufacturing has a full range of moldable materials ranging from very soft "rubbers" to extremely
hard plastics. Molded polyurethanes offer toughness and abrasion resistance. Molded silicones are
advantageous where temperature variances are extreme.

Our quality system is set up to ISO-9001 and QS-9000 standards.

Jaworski Manufacturing provides quick prototype or medium volume production with no or very low
tooling costs to the customer. We have Registered Professional Engineers available to assist you
with your design needs and proper material selection.

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