swiss machining

swiss machining

L25 CNC Swiss Machining Center 3MM to 25.4 MM (.118 in. to 1.00 in.)
B12 CNC Swiss Machining Center 1 1/2MM to 12MM (.040in. to .500in.)
L20 Vll CNC Swiss Machining Center 3MM to 20MM (.118 in. to .787 in.)
L20 Vlll CNC Swiss Machining Center 3MM to 20MM (.118 in. to .787 in.)
With Thread Whirling Package. Thread sizes from 3MM (.118 in). to 12MM (.050 in.)
Tolerances ± .0002

swiss machiningErickson Automatics Inc.

24800 Ulysses St NE Isanti, MN 55040

Represented for 19 years by JAWORSKI & ASSOCIATES

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Swiss machining with tolerances as tight as ± .0002.

Complex parts are made simple by the 44 tools (Live Tooling) and C Axis of our Swiss screw CNC machines.

Milling, Threading, Slotting, Contouring, and Cross Work all in one operation.

Cross work includes Off Center Drilling, Reaming, Drilling and Tapping.
End work includes Reaming, Boring, Drilling, Milling and Tapping.

Be sure to talk to us about your swiss machining custom inventory program requirements!

Erickson Automatics rarely charges for tooling, making it easier to price comparison quote your parts.

For further details about our Swiss machining, please visit Erickson Automatics' web sit by clicking here.

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