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Tube bending, Press Bending:
Steel Tube Bending: 1.25" Dia x .065 Wall
Non-Ferrous Tube Bending: 1.25" Dia x .083 Wall
Stainless Tube Bending: 1.25" Dia x .06 Wall
Steel Bar Round: .75" Dia
Steel Bar Square: .56" x .56"
Max. Bend Angle: 140 Degrees
Max. Centerline Radius: 4 - 1/2

Tube bending, Mandrel Bending:
Steel Tube Bending: 3-1/2" OD x .083 Wall Capacity
Non-Ferrous Tube Bending: 3-1/2" OD x .12 Wall Capacity
Extra Heavy Pipe: Up to 2" Dia
Square Tube Bending: 2-1/2" Square x .083 Wall
Square Steel Bar: 1 - 11/16" Square
Mandrel bending keeps the bends from deforming by using a mandrel inside the tube or pipe which preserves the shape of the piece.

Additional Tube Bending, Weldment Services:
Tube and pipe swaging - up to 1-1/2" Dia
Tube weldments
Tube flaring
Tube beading
Tube flattening

Piercing and Slotting Tubing and Extrusions

Tubes are usually used as flow lines for gases and fluids in the food processing, medical, hydraulic, pneumatic or process industries. Tubes are cylindrical, hollow items used in tube bending, the size of which is indicated by an outside diameter usually in inches. Pipes can be used for transporting fluids and solids in many types of industries. Pipes are more rigid than tubes, with their size indicated by the inside diameter usually in inches. Some tubes can be found in square, rectangular, round and oval shapes. Tubes that can be bent are made from carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, polyvinyl choride (PVC), titanium, superalloys, nickel alloys and plastics.

Some specifications that are required for tube bending, includes the wall thickness, the outside diameter referred to as the O.D., the inside diameter referred to as the I.D. and the radius of the bend. The degree of bend (DOB), the length or position of the bend and the plane or orientation are also needed to complete the tube bending process.

The cost of tooling for tube bending can be reduced by using a bend radii that is considered a standard size and readily available at the tube bending company you chose. Also opting to use the same radius for several bends will reduce set-up costs for tube bending.

Tube bending includes flaring, beading or swaging, also referred to as end forming, are processes used to interconnect tubes or eliminate the need for connectors. Tube beading is used in the bending process to amplify the efficiency of a connection and to lessen vibrations in exhaust systems or fuel systems. Swaging reduces or increases the end diameter by using a compressive force to reshape the tube. The medical, automotive, aerospace, and commercial industries utilize swaging in the tube bending process. Tube flaring increases the efficiency of liquid or air tight connections in the automotive, aircraft, cooling, hydraulic or heating industries.

Tube bending companies also provide for services such as heat treating, annealing, buffing, polishing, powder coating or plating.

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