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Waterjet cutting gives you a stress-free erosion process.
It also reduces the need for expensive secondary operations. Brittle substances, dissimilar materials
and compressible materials can be fabricated when no other method will work.

There are two types of waterjet cutting streams:
The water stream is inherently self-cooling so that the ambient temperature
does not rise significantly.

The edges of waterjet cut parts are clean and smooth with a sandblasted appearance.
This is usually an improvement on acetylene torch, plasma arc edges and even laser cut edges. Parts remain
flat, when it's required.

There are no tooling costs associated with waterjet cutting.

The narrow kerf of waterjet cutting, complex and intricate cuts can be easily accomplished
by waterjet cutting. It also allows for a more efficient use of expensive materials
(optimum yield due to parts nesting and tight tolerances. Edge quality is a function of the pressure, abrasive
flow, feed-rate and thickness of material.

Using waterjet, we can cut all types of metals from 1/16 inch to 8 inches thickness, up to
120 inches in length.
We can also cut glass, composites, layered materials, foams, ceramics, phosphorous
bronze, copper, aluminum bronze, plastics, marble, rubber, granite, vinyl, titanium, inconel, carpet, linoleum and porcelain.

Delivery is usually within a few days and most likely less than one week.

Because there are no heat changes waterjet cutting is well-suited to the needs of the
medical device industry and others that uses expensive metals such as cobalt, titanium, and stainless steel.

Our fast turn around makes us an excellent source for making prototypes with waterjet cutting.

Ameristar Laser has the latest in waterjet cutting programming and scanning technology. We can
accept most CAD files and artwork via e-mail or diskette. We provide our
customers with quality waterjet cut parts and excellent customer service.

Some industries we have served include:
Aerospace; Automotive; Food; Dairy; Machine Shops; Paper; Stone & Tile; Architectural Metal;
Architectural Signage; Terrazzo; Logos & Graphics; Industrial; Plaques; Furniture.

Waterjet Cutting summary.

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